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7 Style Habits to follow...

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Image courtesy of Pinterest

It apparently takes 21 days to form a habit. Follow these easy style tips everyday for and take charge of your style...

  1. Plan your outfit the night before - it will save you so much time and will make getting dressed stress free

  2. Have the perfect all occasion go-to dress - for any last minute events or occasions that call for a more sophisticated and pulled together look, ensure you have something suitable in your closet

  3. Take care of your clothes and your shoes - mend and fix what needs to be done to ensure you always look great

  4. Have a favourite outfit that makes you look and feel amazing

  5. Dress to impress yourself and do not worry what everyone else think

  6. Find style inspiration on Pinterest, social media and magazines

  7. Style your outfits your way. Take inspiration from trends, runways and magazines, but still make every look your own


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