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How would you describe your style?

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

By using only 3 keywords or adjectives, it can help you effectively describe your personal style. Surprisingly it will open up your perspective and can easily help you figure out what you love wearing and feel comfortable in, plus help you build a wardrobe you truly enjoy wearing.

3 descriptive words will easily determine the style of clothes you love and perhaps also what colours and prints you feel most comfortable in. Don't hesitate to ask your closest friends to help you along and give their input too - they will often come up with a word or two you didn't think of...

Known in the fashion industry as the 3-word-rule, a term coined by bloggers and influencers - this is one tip I can relate too, agree with and find very useful. It actually works and allows you to think about your style in a different way...

Your 3 words become your trusted fashion formula. When you don’t know what to wear or what to shop for, use it to help you make those quick decisions and prevent you from impulse shopping - let it be your style mantra...

Tip #1 - Use powerful adjectives to describe your style

When you think of your 3 words, ask yourself what are the highest vibration or most powerful words that describe your style and personality. Words like alluring, dramatic, feminine, modern, artistic, creative, classic, traditional, elegant, polished ect.

Tip #2 - Have a look at your closet

Once you have narrowed down your words and established the 3 words that describe your style best, have a look if your closet reflect these words - does it fit with your style, personality and lifestyle? Play around with your wardrobe and come up with different combinations that best describe your style using your words.

There are hints about who you are in what you wear - Marc Jacobs

Tip #3 - Ask for opinions

It is a good idea to ask your closest friends or a family member to give your their honest opinion on a few words that they think describe you and your style best. They might give you different ideas and words you didn't even think of - for example, when I asked my husband, he said, elegant, classic and casual, my mom said, stylish, casual and smart and I initially thought, comfortable, minimalistic and neutral. It just shows how each person interprets style so differently. Even though I identify with all of these adjectives, the ones that resonated with me most are stylish, elegant and casual. Very interestingly, being stylish is a person with usually a more timeless style (classic), is well-groomed with a charming, yet sophisticated manner. Elegance is about personality. It usually involves a minimalistic and timeless lifestyle, good speaking skills and good taste. Casual refers to being informal, relatable and unpretentious, laid back, relaxed and comfortable. Is is no coincidence that all these words offered up by the people closest to me are in fact interchangeable and describe me perfectly...

Tip #4 - Ask yourself 2 important questions first

To help you identify your 3 words, ask yourself,

  1. what is your favourite item in your closet and how does it make you feel?

  2. what do you want your style to say on your behalf?

Once you've answered these questions, you can start concentrating on your 3 words to help you find a personal style that is truly you, underneath all those piles of clothes in your closet and amongst the crammed in hangers.

Style is never right or wrong, it is about being yourself...

I hope you are feel inspired to start thinking about words that describe you best, write them down, take note of how your clothes make you feel, what items you gravitate towards and what you buy again and again. Take your time, get to know your clothes and what suit your lifestyle and personality. Realise it is a process of elimination and will not happen over night, but once you have your 3 words, you will experience a sense of style tailormade for you that will naturally evolve with you...

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Written by Antoinette Chorlton 17/04/2023


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