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Discover how to shop smarter...

Classic and timeless fashion does not always mean designer labels and brands - it means affordable luxury to you. Discover what looks good on you, keep your choices simple and don't follow too many trends, instead spend a little more (splurge) on items that will last past a season and have fun with trends that cost less (save). Whenever we go shopping, we are almost always overwhelmed by the choices available to us. We often don't know what to buy, which then leads to making the wrong choices resulting in expensive fashion mistakes that end up sitting in our closets unworn.

So, how do we decide on what to buy and how much to spend on a particular item? When should we splurge on something and when should we save? The first step is to understand the basics of an ideal closet, which consists of the following,

Quality - invest in high quality items that will last for many seasons

Variety - follow the 80/20 rule, consisting of 80% classic and 20% trends

Form & function - clothes that are practical, functional and fit perfectly

Versatility - items that will suit many different occasions and seasons

Personality - our clothes should be a reflection of our style, personality and lifestyle

Once we establish the above we can identify gaps in our closet and analyse what we need, resulting in us having a much clearer vision on what pieces we can spend more (splurge) on and what items we should spend less (save) on. Classic items that won't date and are not trend driven are worth spending more money on than fashionable trend driven items that will only be in style for a season. Anine Bing is the perfect example of a classic brand that is worth spending more money on than say Zara which is a very trend driven brand.

Micro trends that are only fashionable for a season are not worth spending much money on at all. To help you establish a micro trend when shopping, look around and identify the one thing that is everywhere, in every shop and the must-have item of the moment, this is normally a micro trend and not worth spending your hard earned cash on - it is likely an accessory or a particular colour and will be "out of fashion" before you know it!

Items that are worth spending a bit more money on - everyday classics staples that will form the foundation of your closet,

  • A well tailored classic suit

  • A structured leather handbag

  • A neutral coloured coat or trench coat

  • A good quality watch

  • Diamond stud earrings

  • Classic pumps, leather boots and comfortable trainers

  • Perfume

  • A leather jacket

  • A pair of black pants that fit you perfectly

  • A well cut pair of jeans

  • A classic white t-shirt or blouse

  • A good quality denim jacket

  • A leather belt

  • Well fitting underwear

By keeping this in mind the next time you go shopping, you will definitely start shopping smarter, building your perfect everyday closet...

Written by Antoinette Chorlton 13/03/2023


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