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It's in the Jeans...

Who doesn't love a good pair of jeans? However, finding the perfect pair is not always easy. Karl Lagerfeld said - You can be the chicest thing in a t-shirt and jeans. It's up to you...

So, what makes the perfect pair of jeans? Every modern closet has at least one pair of jeans, in fact I will even go as far as to say almost every person surely owns a pair of jeans or some type of clothing item made from denim.

In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a patent for the process of putting rivets in pants, and jeans were born, but that is not the whole story. Genoan sailors wore outfits made from denim. The word "jeans" originating from Genoa.

There are many styles and colours of jeans, plus almost every type of clothing comes in a denim version - skirts, jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, bags and even accessories.

The most important factor when choosing a pair of jeans is the style and then the colour wash. Ask yourself - does it suit me, my style personality, lifestyle and most importantly, is it comfortable?

There are so many different cuts, styles and colours. Staightleg, skinny and bootcut is perhaps the most popular style and remains a classic, but this season it's all about the wide leg or culotte jeans. If you prefer a more relaxed style, boyfriend cut and mom jeans are most comfortable. Colour washes comes in light, medium and dark wash, white, black, grey and now also very popular coloured jeans.

Jeans can easily be dressed up and super glamorous or very casual depending what you pair them with and how you style them. For a glamorous look add shine with your top and keep your jeans dark and slim. By teaming shades of the same colours together you will create flow and balance, which works well for a more relaxed daytime look.

With denim being much more than a pair of jeans, it will be a valuable asset to your closet. My best tip when buying jeans - look for stretch in a size smaller than your regular size and wear your jeans 2 or 3 times before washing them.

To really start enjoying your jeans or denim items and understand the value it adds to your closet, why not challenge yourself and wear one or two pairs of jeans or denim items everyday for a week styled differently? You will be amazed how many great outfits you will get!

Click on the link to discover all the fabulous jeans available from Marks & Spencer at very affordable price points plus inspiration on how to style your'e jeans and denim items this season. Below are some more examples of how versatile jeans are and can easily form part of our everyday style,

Written by Antoinette Chorlton 20/02/2023


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