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Lessons in Layering...

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I've never loved layering my outfits, mainly because I didn't know how. Now that I have more experience with dressing and a lot of experimenting in between, I feel like I am embracing layering much more. In fact, I don't get dressed without adding at least one layer.

You can layer many items together, depending on your personal preference and weather permitting off course. However, if not done right it can look bulky and feel uncomfortable. Below are some basic rules when layering any outfit,

  • Start with a base layer, like a singlet, a fine cotton t shirt or a body suit

  • Next, add a mid layer, like a fine knit, cashmere jumper, top or blouse

  • Then add your outer layer, a tailored jacket, gilet or sleeveless jacket and then your final layer like a coat or faux fur in colder temperatures

  • Play with different lengths to add interest, dimension and elongate. For instance, you can layer a shorter jacket over a longer length top or a maxi dress over pants or jeans and a shorter jacket

  • Remember proportions when layering, it can add bulk where you don't want it

  • Mix different textures like silk, denim, leather, wool, faux fur, velvet and satin to create depth and interest

  • Keep it classic by using neutral pieces and tones like black, grey, navy, red and caramel as your layering pieces

  • Tonal layering looks amazing using the same tones or colour family like blue, green, orange, grey, pink, purple ect.

  • Accessories like belts and scarfs are also part of layering and should compliment your outfit

I hope you find these tips useful and helpful inspiring you towards layering your next outfit...


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